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IEEE Proposal Shows Chinese Model Is Gaining Traction in Global Manufacturing

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A recently announced proposal by the New York-based Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to develop an international mass customization standard is to be the first international standard led by a Chinese company -- Haier, Qingdao, China, a maker of consumer electronics and home appliances.

Mass customization is different from the concept of customization. It does not refer to the low production efficiency at a manual workshop and goes beyond providing the end user with module options. Instead, mass customization allows the user to participate in the innovation process and the result of that process as well as benefit from the value generated throughout the life cycle.

In 2005, Haier announced the rendanheyi business model, which transforms users to lifelong users and reshapes employees as creators. In addition, the model creates a long-term cooperation, co-creation and win-win relationship among users, employees and the brand rather than the one-time buyer-seller relationship.

Bend Tooling, Inc. Launches a Redesigned Website

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Bend Tooling, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, launched a redesigned website at, highlighting the company’s knowledge of tube bending and tooling needs in a new user-friendly format. The upgraded website provides easier navigation with a mobile-friendly platform. Bend Tooling’s Rotary-Draw Tube-Bending Guide is available for free download and the Mandrel Nose Placement Calculator is now an interactive utility to calculate the ideal placement of the mandrel nose and provide the optimal mandrel nose diameter for a specific application.

The site allows visitors to easily request quotes, troubleshoot tube-bending issues, identify parts, and browse or search the Bend Tooling Encyclopedia™. The site will be updated regularly with company news, technical articles, training, and product information.

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Happy Holidays from the Staff of MetalForming

Friday, December 22, 2017
From all of us at MetalForming magazine, may your holidays be filled with joy and may the new year provide you with opportunities to prosper and grow. We will return with the latest news beginning January 2.


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