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Steel Imports Steady in December, 30 Percent of Market Share in 2014, Reports AISI

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Based on preliminary Census Bureau data, the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has reported that the United States imported a total of 3,620,000 net tons of steel in December 2014, including 2,941,000 net tons of finished steel − down 2.0 percent and up 0.1 percent, respectively, versus November. Full-year 2014 total and finished steel imports are 44,320,000 and 33,733,000 net tons, respectively, up 38 and 36 percent respectively, versus 2013.
The finished-steel import market share was an estimated 30 percent in December and is estimated at 28 percent for 2014. Key finished steel products with a significant import increase in December compared to November are wire rods (up 36 percent), line pipe (up 18 percent), standard pipe (up 13 percent), hot rolled bars (up 11 percent) and plates in coils (up 10 percent).
In December, the largest volumes of finished steel imports from offshore were from South Korea (418,000 net tons, down 11 percent versus November final), China (217,000 net tons, down 16 percent), Japan (185,000 net tons, up 20 percent), Russia (181,000 net tons, up 415 percent) and Germany (164,000 net tons, up 38 percent).
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Knuth Opens Cutting-Systems Showroom in Illinois

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Knuth Machine Tools USA, Lincolnshire, IL, a manufacturer and supplier of metalworking machinery, has unveiled its new show and demonstration room, boasting laser-, plasma- and waterjet-cutting technologies. Starting with laser and plasma machines, Knuth is ready to cut test parts for visiting customers now via laser and plasma machines, with a five-axis waterjet machine to be installed later in 2015.
With this showroom, a customer can bring a part that needs to be cut and a Knuth application engineer will provide cycle times and cutting results for the part on the different technologies. With this information, the customer can make the most ideal cutting decision for its needs.
Machines featured in the showroom include Knuth’s Laser-Jet 2512, a 2-kW fiber laser with a 4 by 8-foot cutting table; the Plasma-Jet 1530 with a HPR 130XD plasma source; and the Hydro-Jet Eco 1313 waterjet cutter.
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Coldwater, Industrial Machine Manufacturer, Opens SC Sales Office

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Coldwater Machine Co., Coldwater, OH, a designer, manufacturer and integrator of precision equipment for a variety of industries, has opened a sales office in Greenville, SC. The company provides custom machines and automation equipment such as robotic workcells, vision-inspection systems and assembly lines. It is noted for its expertise in solid-state welding technologies such as friction-spin and friction-stir spot welding, according to company officials. The new Greenville location was chosen for its location near a number of automotive, energy and heavy-industry companies.
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