New Fab. Software Version Integrates CAD/CAM, Shop-Floor-Control and Business-Systems Suites

August 11, 2020

SigmaTek-20-quoteSigmaTek Systems announced the integration of its Business Systems Suite alongside the flagship SigmaNest product portfolio in SigmaSuite 20This latest release of CAD/CAM, shop-floor control and now business-systems solutions brings a full range of fabrication optimization and data-management features inside of one familiar user interface, according to company officials. 

The Version 20 user interface reportedly employs improved navigation and a universal easy-reading display throughout all SigmaTek products to increase user focus and stamina.

Features include SigmaTek’s new quoting tool, SigmaQuote (see video), available as both a freestanding application for the quoting department as well as an add-on module for SigmaNest programmers. It uses the SigmaNest nesting engine, part database and costing parameters to deliver accurate quotes after a rapid import of part geometry. Quote workspaces can be modified after job creation, and parts can be added, removed and re-nested without recreating or reimporting the quote, and then pushed directly into production work orders.

As the core of SigmaTek business-system products, SigmaMRP provides single-source job management throughout manufacturing, from quotation to delivery and invoicing. It integrates with both SigmaSuite products and other business systems to administer critical business data such as inventory, transactions, customers, suppliers, job status, cost and profitability. The newly improved SigmaMRP scheduling engine reportedly provides better performance for jobs with complex assemblies and sub-assemblies, in addition to subcontract operations. And, new time controls offer scheduling flexibility around work shifts and employee break periods.

New developments in SigmaTek shop-floor offerings increase the capacity for operators to make the right call on the spot, with access to part documents, or the option to book remnants and sheets back to inventory, or create a new job for rejected parts, according to company officials. SigmaLift paperless tracking software now is a web application, allowing flexibility for remote barcode scanning, and provides a redesigned display that shows all available batches for transfer.

Also, SimTrans works in the background to create a seamless data link from SigmaTek applications to sales, inventory, engineering, scheduling, production, and MRP or ERP systems. It supplies data to business systems at different phases of the order process, such as work order completion, material consumption levels and automatic machine operation using batch operations.

In the latest release, CAD/CAM products have added profiling and tooling features, and batch commands for work efficiency and increased machine support. Enhancements for SigmaBend include improved bend-ID and sequence-change information, additional support for Accurpress press brakes, and batch commands for part processing and press brake part reports.

SigmaNest CAD/CAM developments include added support for ramping when using 3D bevel technology, measuring capability while in assembly mode, support for the latest CAD versions within the CAD Import Plus modules, and significantly improved batch-processing performance as more parts are added to the SigmaNest workspace.

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