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Option Allows Clamp to Sense Presence of Sheet Metal Panels

PHD, Inc. has released the GRM Clamp Size 2 Teachable Sensor option for panel-presence detection in automated sheet metal stamping. It can sense a wide range of material thicknesses, from 0.020 to 0.197 in. and is available on all 13 PHD clamp-j... April 19, 2024 Phd, Inc.
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Producing the New Aluminum-Intensiv...

The production of the new generation of Taycan involves approximately 1200 employees/shift, along with some 2000 robots, turning out 200 vehicles/day. VIDEO
MetalForming Minute: April 2024 Management

MetalForming Minute: April 2024

This short, monthly video will provide you with the latest news from MetalForming magazine. VIDEO
Rapid Laser Cutting for Tubes and P... Cutting

Rapid Laser Cutting for Tubes and P...

BLM Group USA has released the latest addition to its Lasertube offering: the LT12, bridging the gap between the company... VIDEO BLM Group USA
Energy-Saving All-Electric Rolling ... Bending

Energy-Saving All-Electric Rolling ...

The e-Power all-electric steel plate- and sheet-rolling machine, debuted in North America by Davi Inc. at FABTECH 2023, ... VIDEO Davi Inc.
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30-min. Tour of Volvo's New River V...

Volvo is marketing its new VNR series as “versatile regional-haul tractors designed and developed for the modern professional truck driver and the rapidly evolving demands of goods delivery.' VIDEO

Revolutionizing Automotive Manufact...

This 3+-min. well-produced animated video hits on several applications for artificial intelligence within automotive manufacturing. VIDEO