High-Speed 3D Arm Scanning for Simple Shapes and Surfaces

April 27, 2020

Exact-Metrology-RS-SquaredThe new RS-Squared area scanner, manufactured by Hexagon Metrology and re-sold by Exact Metrology, is 3D scanner compatible with all current-generation Absolute Arm seven-axis systems. The RS-Squared allows users to perform high-speed scans of simple shapes and surfaces, and is best suited to the scanning of large parts with lower detail requirements, such as automotive parts.

The Absolute Arm seven-axis system ergonomically delivers tactile probing and laser scanning, and reportedly is ideal for high-end portable measurement applications, with its articulating arm offering ease of movement and measurement. 

The RS-Squared white-light scanner uses the Absolute Arm system to position large, square tiles of 3D-scan data, removing the need for time-consuming application of reference markers or spray, or complex mechanical processes such as fringe projection that requires a stable environment. As many as four data tiles are captured each second, which, combined with minimal setup time, creates a scanning system capable of generating point-cloud data quickly. As with other Absolute Arm scanners, the RS-Squared can be removed and remounted without requiring recalibration processes, due to a repeatable mounting system.

Additional features include a large scan tile measuring 300 by 300 mm, permitting coverage of a larger area. As for scanning speed, the scanner that typically takes 1 hr. to scan can be digitized in 10 min., according to company officials.

The retained touch-probe functionality of the Absolute Arm ensures that high-detail geometric features can be captured at any time by removing the scanner from the arm and connecting it to a probe. Data feedback and settings adjustment at the point of measurement is built into the Absolute Arm through its OLED on-wrist display.

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