Pressroom Automation

AI Vision System for Cobot Grinding and Finishing

Kane Robotics reports that it has employed artificial intelligence (AI) in visual sensors to assess uneven surfaces and enable its collaborative robot (cobot) to make real-time adjustments in material-removal operations. Tasks such as sanding, grin... February 28, 2024 Kane Robotics
Pressroom Automation

BMW Hiring, Training Humanoid Robot...

Figure, Sunnyvale, CA, announced that BMW Manufacturing Co. will deploy its model 01 general-purpose humanoid robots in its automotive manufacturing facilities. VIDEO
Smart Lubrication System Drives Dee... Lubrication

Smart Lubrication System Drives Dee...

After receiving its first Dietronic Sagoma-series lubrication system in 2019 and a second in 2021, U.K.-based stainless-... VIDEO DieTronic Lubricating Systems
Augmented Reality App Speeds and Si... Pressroom Automation

Augmented Reality App Speeds and Si...

Kuka's new Kuka.MixedReality software allows users to visualize the environment of robot cells live on their smartphones... VIDEO KUKA Robotics Corp.
MetalForming Minute: February 2024 Management

MetalForming Minute: February 2024

This short, monthly video will provide you with the latest news from MetalForming magazine. VIDEO
10 Questions for Tesla's Thomas Aus... Management

10 Questions for Tesla's Thomas Aus...

We spoke with Telsa's global advanced manufacturing technical advisor, Thomas Ausmann, after he presented at MetalFormin... VIDEO
High-Speed, Eccentric-Shaft Mechani... Stamping Presses

High-Speed, Eccentric-Shaft Mechani...

Stamtec has unveiled its HS2 series of high-speed mechanical presses, with an eccentric shaft engineered to be stronger ... VIDEO Stamtec, Inc.