Automated Laser-Cutting Cell at Laystrom Manufacturing

January 3, 2013

A pair of ten-shelf storage towers (one for raw material and one for finished sheets) flank a pair of 4000-W laser-cutting machines at Laystrom Manufacturing, Chicago, IL. Shown here is the finished-goods storage tower, and the shuttle exchanging shelves. The automated laser-cutting cell, from Amada, enables Laystrom to run lights out, "processing material 140 to 150 hours per week on each cutting machine while reducing overtime dramatically," says president Bob Laystrom. "Amortizing the automation investment over the useful life of the cutting machines makes the automation investment extremely inexpensive. And, if business slows, we can scale back or eliminate the second shift and still yield 140 hr. per machine per week while working one shift."
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Technologies: Cutting, Pressroom Automation


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