Omax TV Debuts, Hosting Videos on Waterjet Applications and Materials Capabilities

Omax Corp. now offers Omax TV, providing video content produced by the company to demonstrate its abrasive waterjet technology, waterjet applications and materials capabilities. The site hosts more than 50 videos that show both old and new typ... August 11, 2020 Omax Corporation
Fiber Laser Cutting of Small to Med... Cutting

Fiber Laser Cutting of Small to Med...

Mazak Optonics Corp. has launched the FT-150 Fiber, a tube-cutting laser machine designed for high-speed cutting of smal... VIDEO Mazak Optonics Corporation
Software Provides Collision Avoidan... Cutting

Software Provides Collision Avoidan...

Lantek has introduced Intelligent Collision Avoidance (ICA), a new algorithm that minimizes potential collisions between... VIDEO Lantek Systems Inc.
Mazak Demonstrates SortFlex at FABT... Cutting

Mazak Demonstrates SortFlex at FABT...

This Industry 4.0 automation solution for fast, efficient sorting of laser-finished parts is fitted with two automated u... VIDEO Mazak Optonics Corporation
Desktop Waterjet Cutter Cutting

Desktop Waterjet Cutter

Wazer, a low-price-point desktop waterjet cutter from a New York startup of the same name, features a cut area of 12 by ... VIDEO Wazer
Automated Handling: Laser-Focused o... Cutting

Automated Handling: Laser-Focused o...

To meet rising demand for fabricated-metal products, Fab Metals, an Ohio fabricator, purchased a 6-kW fiber laser in 201... VIDEO TRUMPF Inc.