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Newly Configured Servo Presses in Capacities to 8000 kN

Monday, June 24, 2019

With developmental input from Nidec Press & Automation engineers, Nidec Arisa has introduced the newly configured Arisa GS2 servo press series, offering integrated automation and boasting a capacity ranging of 3150 to 8000 kN. The series is configured for manufacturing in North America, Europe and China.

Precision kinematics reportedly enables quicker system response and higher production rates than previous series versions, and eccentric wheels with double-helical gearing allow for smooth operation, increased power transmission and higher durability. The Desch planetary gearbox, standard on this series, reduces drive-train inertia for quicker acceleration and faster stopping times, according to company officials, who also note that the Siemens full energy-management system provides maximum energy efficiency and low power cost per part. Another series feature: Zero-clearance slide guiding improves die setup and operation.


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