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Quick-Change A- and B-Station Punch Drivers

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mate Precision Tooling offers its new QCT Metric A- and B-station punch drivers. These long stem punches are also known as Mate original-style or Amada-style. Designed for easier, faster setups, the punch drivers use Mate’s QCT punch-retention system, and also simplify tooling inventory, as the universal drivers may be used on rounds or shapes.

QCT punch inserts are made from Mate’s M4PM steel to provide long life, are keyed at the perimeter for improved angularity control, and have a 0.770-in. SBR* for added grind life. When punching, the shoulder of the punch remains securely guided.

Other standard features include driver portions (below the stem) made from high-speed steel, and us of Mate’s SuperMax coating for extended life.

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