Strong Flap Discs for Quicker Material Removal

May 15, 2018

The patented Polifan-Strong flap discs from Pferd remove more material in less time than most other consumable abrasives for angle grinders, according to company officials. Featuring a unique extended flap design for consistent and aggressive grinding to the last grain, this disc reportedly delivers optimal performance for high-powered angle grinders. Combining maximum metal removal and long tool life cuts downtime by reducing tool changes and lessens labor costs by reducing grinding time.

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The flap discs find use in steel construction, foundries, ship building, automotive, tank construction, fabrication and pipeline work. The coated flaps are produced with a high-performance zirconia alumina abrasive, available in 36-grit for coarse grinding of steel and weld seams, or 50-grit for edge work such as chamfering, and deburring. The discs are available in 4.5-, 5- and 7-in. dia. with either plain 7/8-in. bore or 5/8–11 threads.

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