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MIE Solutions Adds Cloud-Based Managed Services

Friday, July 1, 2016

MIE Solutions, Garden Grove, CA, has added cloud-based managed services to its MIE Trak Pro ERP offering. Features include reduced overall cost of ownership, and data storage on a dedicated server.

While other cloud-based providers, say company officials, own their software and charge a monthly subscription fee to access it and your data on their server, users of cloud-based MIE Trak Pro own the software and licensing. Further, because each user owns the software and its company data, an accelerated depreciation allowance up to $500,000 can be taken in the first year.

Also, while other cloud-based offerings might be multi-tenant (date from more than one company is hosted on server farms), cloud-based MIE Trak Pro stores each company’s data on dedicated servers. Each user therefore gains control of software and feature updates. In addition, MIE Solutions makes the database available via automated backup when it’s needed.

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