Servo Press Teams with Part-Handling Robot

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Nidec Minster Corp.
Booth S4705

Nidec Minster servo pressNidec Minster Corp., Minster, OH, exhibits an operational Minster P2H-FX-100 servo press and an integrated Kuka part-handling robot. Designed for high-volume, demanding applications, the P2H-FX series combines the proven characteristics of a traditional mechanically driven press with the flexibility of a servo drive. It is built on a one-piece cast-iron frame, and features low deflection characteristics and slide-guiding advancements of Minster’s P2H series. The P2H-FX-100 is powered by a high-torque, low-speed Siemens drive motor in a planetary gearbox arrangement, and offers a fully programmable slide-motion profile and a top speed of 250 strokes/min. to enable production flexibility. P2H-FX servo presses are available in capacities of 63, 100 and 160 tons.

The press and Minster servo control are fully integrated with a Kuka KR 90 R2700 robot, which demonstrates blank-feeding and part-removal capabilities in conjunction with the servo press.

Nidec Minster’s display at FABTECH also features updated information on the company’s customer support, where field-service personnel are dispatched from 22 locations around the world. In addition, Nidec Minster maintains customer-service centers with common repair parts in stock, technical support staff and remanufacturing capabilities in Minster, OH; Ningbo, China; Halblech, Germany; and Querétaro, Mexico.


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