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Unique Aluminum-Oxide Coating for Aluminum Medical Devices

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Micralox, a new aluminum-oxide coating for finishing aluminum medical devices, has been developed by the Sanford Process Corp. (SPC), Woonsocket, RI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Duralectra-CHN. The Micralox process creates a microcrystalline barrier that reportedly produces a long lasting, virtually indestructible surface coating that resists chemical corrosion and eliminates color fading.

Company representatives note a growing need for new approaches to finish reusable medical equipment fabricated from aluminum. “Considering design, weight, thermal conductivity, strength and total cost, cases, trays, handles, fixturing and other devices made from aluminum are preferable,” says SPC president Tim Cabot, “to those made from stainless steel or plastic. However,” he adds, “the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization protocols commonly used by central service stations in hospitals and clinics worldwide can be highly corrosive to aluminum. Articles can lose their original finish and, eventually, their usefulness. At SPC we listened to the medical community and knew the market was looking for a better, more-cost efficient solution. While the coating dramatically increases the total service life of each part, it maintains all of the important characteristics of sulfuric acid anodizing.”

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