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Plasma-Cutting System with Built-In Compressor

Saturday, January 1, 2011
Lincoln Electric, Cleveland, OH, introduced the new Tomahawk 375 Air, a portable plasma-arc-cutting (PAC) power supply designed for onsite maintenance, service tasks, small construction sites, HVAC work, demolition and rental applications. The unit includes an internal air compressor, eliminating the need for an external air source, and can be used anywhere 208- or 230-V single-phase 60-Hz power is available.

Plasma-cutting system with built in compressor 

The 375 Air is rated to 25 A, 90 V at 35-percent-duty cycle, for 3⁄8-in. cutting capacity (5⁄16 in. recommended) and ½-in. severance. It employs a touch-start system for reliable arc initiation without high frequency, and rapid arc-restrike capability for cutting through gaps and expanded metal.

The Tomahawk 375 Air includes an LC25 plasma-cutting torch, water separator, air regulator and pressure gauge, cables, spare expendable parts and a shoulder strap.

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