Regional METALFORM Shines Brightly in Birmingham

Sunday, June 1, 2008
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The displays of new metalforming equipment at Regional METALFORM were numerous, and the potential impact of the new technology showcased is huge. After walking the show floor April 1-3, the editors present here a few of the highlights we spied. For complete wall-to-wall coverage of the technology on display at the exhibition —safety and quality/inspection products, presses, coil-handling apparatus, lubricants and lubrication systems, tooling and coating products and more—pick up your back copy of the March issue of MetalForming.

Turkish Press Builder Comes Onshore in California

Turkish Press Builder comes onshore in California
METALFORM marked the U.S. exhibition debut of Turkish press builder Drinns, with U.S. offices for Drinns U.S.A. Industrial Machinery in Newport Beach, CA. The firm manufactures C- and H-frame eccentric mechanical (to 400 tons) and hydraulic (to 500 tons) presses. Among standard features are the use of helical gears to provide reliable power transmission and ease of maintenance; and a centralized lubrication system. Available accessories include adjustable stroke, overload protection, motorized ram adjustment, and pneumatic and hydraulic cushions for deep drawing. Drinns U.S.A. Industrial Machinery: 888/300-3611;

Sensor-Application Specialists at Your Service

Designed to help metalformers jump-start their die-protection program, sensor manufacturer Balluff Inc., Florence, KY, introduced METALFORM attendees to its new Balluff Sensor Outfitters program. The firm will send a pressroom-automation specialist to your shop floor to review and document your automation programs and perform a metalforming-sensor audit (it also offers a similar program for welding, conducting a weld-cell sensor audit).

After reviewing your most challenging dies and day-to-day operations, the specialist will prepare an audit report that features three levels of recommendations—those identifying immediate opportunities for improvement, as well as ideas for mid- and long-term improvement. Also included are specific and confidential sensor recommendations. With a die (or dies) identified as good candidates for sensors, a Balluff sensor expert and a journeyman diemaker will work with your toolroom staff to select and properly install the sensors, as well as oversee the part-runoff process. Balluff Inc.: 800/543-8390;

Servo Presses to 2500 Tons

Officials at the Schuler Inc. (Canton, MI) booth spoke at length about its expanded range of blanking and forming servo-drive mechanical presses—available with press force from 275 to 2500 tons and constructed from standard component modules. The presses can produce full-rated work energy operating as slowly as 1 stroke/min. Modular design with standardized components means, say company officials, short delivery times and optimized spare-parts management.

Servo-drive technology allows the individual programming of slide speed and motion sequences so that stampers can optimize parameters during forming and adapt the slide curve to each specific application. The added process control improves part quality and reduces die wear compared to conventional mechanical presses.

Schuler also met with show goers to discuss its expanded press-service capabilities, with engineers and field technicians on staff to maintain hydraulic systems, mechanical presses, control systems and automation equipment for all Schuler and, now, Mueller Weingarten brands. And, the firm now provides technical service, including major upgrades and rebuilds, in an alliance with Bliss Clearing Niagara (BCN) Technical Services. Schuler Inc.: 734/207-7200;

Seyi debuts Servo-Press technology

Seyi Debuts Servo-Press Technology

…available on presses with single- and double-point connections in capacities from 121 to 330 tons. The presses come with controls that include standard conventional-crank, blanking, drawing, coining and multiple-hit profiles. The touchscreen displays machine status, fault codes and slide-motion curves. Seyi Presses, Inc.: 909/839-1151;

Hydraulic Press Line Introduced for Small to Medium-Sized Stampers

Danish press builder Hydraulico, with U.S. offices in York, PA, introduced its eight-model lineup of STP hydraulic presses. Slide tonnage ranges from 100 to 400 tons. Four models employ single-acting technology, and four are double-acting presses. All feature a rigid H-style frame, offer a slide stroke of 800 mm and a work table 1250-mm square.

The largest model in the series, the double-acting STP400/150, offers 400 tons of slide force and 150 tons of cushion force. Mechanical slide locks are standard; light curtains are optional, along with shock absorbers, tool-changing equipment, feeders and a stacker. Hydraulico: 717/505-5000;

In-Die-Welding Systems

In-die-welding systems
Ocon Automated Systems, Barcelona, Spain, showcased its patented in-die-welding units for resistance welding of nuts and bolts. The units, available for retrofit or installation in new progressive, transfer or tandem dies, can weld at press speeds to 60 strokes/min. The company promises constant, reliable weld quality with high torque resistance and the ability to weld from above, below and even on cams.

The welding units, 70 mm thick, accept nuts, bolts and studs from the company’s feeders. Each welding unit is controlled by the Ocon WCET 1000/2 welding cabinet, featuring adaptive medium-frequency timers. The welding units have inputs and outputs for communication with the press and welding cabinet.

The welding and feeding cabinet rests on wheels to facilitate movement from press to press, with simple connection via multi-connectors allowing the feeder to be changed in less than 5 min. Different feeders can be connected for applications where more than four elements are needed.Ocon Automated Systems:+34-93-814-3532;

Round Draw Module for 3D Die-Design Software

Accurate Die Design, Inc., New Berlin, WI, debuted the Round Draw

Round draw module for 3D die-design software
module for Logopress3 3D die-design software. The module and software, developed by LOGOPRESS Corp., Besancon, France, runs inside SolidWorks-based Logopress3. Dedicated to the strip-layout portion of the current software, it can produce an accurate and complete strip layout in less than 10 min. With more tooling dedicated to round draw work, this new function will help designers save time and money, according to Ray Proeber, president of Accurate Die Design. Additionally, he says, the automation it provides will enable companies who otherwise would not have the expertise and experience required to design round draw dies to now feel confident in this area.

The Round Draw module automatically calculates each intermediate stage of the strip layout parametrically to allow for simple changes. The function is automatic and customizable, and also automatically handles stretch-web management. The program accounts for material characteristics as it automatically determines draw reductions. Accurate Die Design: 262/938-9316;

Die Design and Build, and Launch Support, for AHSS, HSS and Aluminum Projects

The combined expertise of MBtech Group and MBtech Autodie was presented to the editors of MetalForming, along with show attendees, to illustrate the ability of MBTech, Grand Rapids, MI, to design, engineer, machine, construct, try out, and provide launch support for tools built to handle high-strength and advanced high-strength steels, and aluminum alloys. Marketed as providing art-to-part service, MBtech assesses material formability (virtual and physical), accounting for geometrical limitations and coating and joining issues, and resolves complex challenges related to springback, splitting and wrinkling.

MBtech described at the press conference how its engineers worked with Chrysler, the American Iron and Steel Institute and Mercedes Group Research to recently complete a lightweight-body project that significantly reduced the weight of a body-in-white using AHSS. MBTech Autodie LLC: 616/454-9361;


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