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MetalForming Magazine

October 2015 Issue

Volume 49, Number 10

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North America's largest metalforming, fabricating, welding and finishing eventis back at McCormick Place in Chicago.



Five Simple Strategies to Do More for Your Customers
by Steve Schabel
Vertical integration holds the key to winning over new customers in the highly competitive landscape occupied by metalformers and fabricators.
PMA's Education Program
Designed to help metalformers advance their businesses.
FABTECH 2015--Exhibitors in the METALFORM Technology Area
Big Data Promises to Pay Big Dividends
by Brad Kuvin
...for SWD, Inc., a continuous-improvement-minded provider of metal-finishing and fastener-sorting services. New data-discovery and analysis software allows SWD management to unlock new pathways to improved performance, and serves as the foundation for its customer-communication strategy of the future.
NH Stamper Waves Goodbye to Chlorinated Paraffins
Long regarded a savior in boundary lubrication for extreme metalworking applications, the sun is about to set on chlorinated paraffins. Now's the time to consider alternatives, as has New Hampshire Stamping.
Robotic Welding CellsOut with the Old
...and in with the new at Ariens Co., where several new automated welding cells have spurred a 25-percent leap in productivity, while slashing the time lost to maintenance, repairs and tech calls.



While Technology Might Make Sale No. 1, the End-to-End Journey Matters Most
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
A Shortcut for Assessing Forming Severity
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Lot Traceability
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Significant Capital Expenditures Require Disciplined Project Management
Best Practices by Bob Dobrowsky



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