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MetalForming Magazine

January 2014 Issue

Volume 48, Number 1

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Cover Article

Staying Atop the Laser-Cutting Landscape
by Brad Kuvin
This specialist in high-performance automotive-exhaust fabrication expands into contract manufacturing, beginning with investing in laser-cutting technology. A new 6-kW machine equipped for tube cutting helps the firm stay one step ahead of the competition.



"We Put a Press Where We Had No Business Doing So"
by Brad Kuvin
So says Paul Gray, manager, stamping at LuK USA, who explains why he located a new high-speed mechanical press in an area that others questioned, and how he addressed their concerns
Manufacturing is Hot--Spread the Word
by Brad Kuvin
Manufacturing not only offers terrific opportunities for rewarding careers, but its cool. That's the message heard loud and clear around the United States on Manufacturing Day 2013.


Tooling Technology

Automotive Industry to Face Capacity Constraints
by Brad Kuvin
A new survey of the vendor tooling industry uncovers a $6 billion discrepancy in supply and demand. All is not lost, however, as we explore reasons for the projected capacity shortfall and reveal possible solutions.



Need a Good New Year's Resolution?
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Dear Formability Engineer--Please Help!
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Solving Stretching and Drawing Problems
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
It's All About the Willfuls (and Repeats) at OSHA
You and the Law by Doug Ehlke
#IWantThatHat! A Case Study on Hashtags and Creative Twitter Recruitment
Human Capital by Debbie McGrath



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