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MetalForming Magazine

November 2013 Issue

Volume 47, Number 11

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Cover Article

The CNC Punch Press Productivity Push
by Brad Kuvin
Today's punch presses are incredibly fast and accurate, sometimes beyond belief. But the real payoff from these prolific part producers comes when shops focus on sequence optimization, commonline cutting and use of special tools.



When Presses Show Their Age
by Brad Kuvin
...metal stampers can repair/rebuild, or replace with new. Depending on the customer base, type of work and quality requirements, a diligent diagnose-and-repair program may suffice. In other cases, the benefits of new press technology allows stampers to take on new, more tightly toleranced and complex stampings.
Proper Air Filtration--See No Evil, Hear No Evil
by Brad Kuvin
Noise and haze can add stress unnecessarily to already taxed welders and machine operators. Why inhibit their productivity when all that's needed is a well-designed and properly installed air-filtration system--precisely the case at this agricultural-equipment OEM.
Paperless--It's All About Proactive Manufacturing
by Brad Kuvin
Superior Die Set Corp. is a showcase for the benefits that paperless manufacturing brings, not only to its own facility but to its suppliers and customers. Celebrating its 90th year in business, we spoke with third-generation president Frank Janiszewski about its 10-plus years as a paperless factory.


Tooling Technology

Appliance Maker Follows a Trusted Quick-Die-Change Recipe
by Brad Kuvin
The largest new-appliance rollout in the history of Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance has the firms pressroom and die shop on their toes. Read here of its tried and tested die-change system that keeps six hydraulic presses and three mechanicals running full speed ahead.



Lead Time as a Management Strategy
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Sheetmetal Basics--Data and Experiments
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Stamping Consistency
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Family Limited Partnerships: Ensure You and Your Family Win, and the IRS Loses
Blackman on Taxes by Irv Blackman



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