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MetalForming Magazine

December 2011 Issue

Volume 45, Number 12

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Cover Article

Steady Hands Heal Wounded Dies
by Brad Kuvin
Welder Pete Mourouzis is more artist than fabricator, performing, as he calls it, "sculpture in reverse" to deposit laser and micro-tig welds with pinpoint accuracy while repairing worn and damaged tools. To some, he may appear more doctor than artist.



Slash Operating Costs of Low-Profile Conveyors
by Charles Mitchell
Pay attention to belt tension, tracking, and pulley diameter to optimize conveyor performance and component life and avoid unplanned line stoppages.
PMAEF Proudly Honoring Pioneering Metalforming Companies
by Dave Sansone
Pioneer Metalformers Invest in Workforce Development
Case Study: Pridgeon & Clay, Grand Rapids, MI
by Brad Kuvin
Pioneer Metalformers Invest in Workforce Development
Case Study: McGregor Metalworking, Springfield, OH
by Lou Kren
Pioneer Metalformers Invest in Workforce Development
Case Study: E.J. Ajax and Sons, Fridley, MN
by Brad Kuvin
Changes Coming in the New Industrial Robot Safety Standard
by Jeff Fryman



How Can I Help You?
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
A Social Media Strategy, Part 2: Setting Targets
Business of Metalforming by Michael Bleau
Are Laboratory Forming Tests Worthwhile?
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Hole Extrusions--Part 3
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Why Sensors Are Not Enough
Metalforming Electronics by George Keremedjiev
Are You 48 Years Old, or Older?
Blackman on Taxes by Irv Blackman
Company Size and Operational Performance
Best Practices by Bob Dobrowsky



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