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MetalForming Magazine

June 2008 Issue

Volume 42, Number 6

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Cover Article

Dedicated to Stamping Technology,Trane Banks on Pressroom Automation
A shiny-new robotic press line--four presses tied together by four robots--turns out louvered HVAC panels at Tranes Tyler, TX, plant. Its end-of-line panel-stacking ability is a sight to see, and you can by checking out our online video at



You Can Stamp It...but Can You Move It?
As the movie music goes: You've got to move it, move it. And metalformers know that the efficient conveyance of stamped parts, as well as scrap,is what turns fast-acting presses into high-production press lines.
Regional METALFORM Shines Brightly in Birmingham
In April, METALFORM attendees got a good dose of metalforming technology, with some old-fashioned Southern hospitality on the side.
Awards of Excellence 2008
The Precision Metalforming Association honored its 2008 award winners with a special presentation held at the METALFORM tradeshow this past March in Birmingham, AL. The winners earned their awards by eliminating costly secondary operations, slashing lead time, employing new sensing technology, embracing continuous improvement, proactively addressing workplace safety and stressing employee training and education.
Automated Parts Cleaning
helps this New Jersey-based precision stamper maintain strict cleanliness, quality and delivery standards.


Tooling Technology

Dual-Die Cushions for Deep Draw
A unique setup on a press that prevented traditional cushion design allows this exhaust manufacturer to employ a wide range of forming and stripping tonnages.



Fuel Expansion in Trying Times
General Techniques to Minimize Springback
The Science of Forming
Cutting Terminology
Tooling by Design
The Sensor Naysayers
Metalforming Electronics
Own a Family Business? Finally, An Easy to Win the Transfer/Succession Game
Blackman on Taxes
Notable Workplace Judgments and Verdicts
You and the Law
The ICOSPA Congress--Go International in Grand Rapids



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Software for Manufacturing

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