Welding Table Stars Source-Capture Fume-Removal System

August 1, 2017

RoboVent, Sterling Heights, MI, introduces a new, larger version of its popular CrossFlow welding worktable. The all-in-one welding bench and source-capture system provides ample room for a variety of manual welding applications, while keeping dangerous weld fumes out of the breathing zone.

The new CrossFlow table features a larger (5-ft.-wide) work surface and new workspace elements. Space under the table provides room for the welding power supply, and LED lighting and a built-in electrical plug for power tools makes the working space simple to use. Units ship fully assembled for easy installation—simply place them on the shop floor and make the required electrical and compressed-air connections. 

Included are RoboVent standard features such as Dynamic Pulse filter cleaning and SafeSensor particulate monitoring.

RoboVent: www.robovent.com/products/crossflow-table
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