Reality-Based Welding Training System Provides Fast, Accurate and Cost-Effective Results

June 1, 2014

As the need for skilled welding operators grows, Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton, WI, aims to help build welder skills with its new LiveArc reality-based training system. The LiveArc system features advanced motion-tracking technology that provides critical feedback to improve welding skills, providing fast and cost-effective results.

By offering objective, quantitative feedback on key performance parameters, the system promotes trainee independence and learning, and allows users to gain the proficiency needed for skilled welding opportunities. The preweld simulation mode avoids wasteful consumption of weld coupons, gas and wire and provides a sound welding-technique baseline for accelerating training when live welding occurs.

Featuring a touchscreen monitor, LiveArc guides a welding trainee from assignment selection to simulated welding practice. It includes Miller-designed assignments, and allows welding instructors to easily develop additional assignments with customized parameters for specific weld joints and positions.

An industry-exclusive 400-A SmartGun features built-in LEDs that the system’s camera tracks in order to provide feedback on technique parameters, including work and travel angles, contact tip-to-work-distance, travel speed and aim. The gun’s display screen provides initial feedback to guide the trainee in proper gun position, and integrated pushbuttons act as a convenient alternative to touchscreen navigation. A joint calibration tool informs the system of joint location, which allows the user to place the weld coupon in nearly any position.

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