PMA Launches METALFORM EDU to Tackle Skills Gap via Virtual Coursework

November 1, 2018

PMA has launched a new, robust educational platform to help metalforming companies take on the manufacturing industry skills gap. PMA’s METALFORM EDU, a unique online learning-management system to help metalformers gain industry-specific skills, has launched (www.pma.org/metalformedu) as an easy-access, low-cost, 24/7 resource.

“METALFORM EDU addresses our industry’s constant need to train existing and new employees,” says PMA President Roy Hardy. “With more than 500 training courses, from foundational to industry-related skills, METALFORM EDU will save companies time and money, providing the right training on the right platform at the right time and the right price.”

“METALFORM.EDU is a modern solution for an industry program,” continued Hardy. “PMA’s creation and launch of this platform is a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to helping our members and our industry recruit and retain a high-caliber workforce now and in the future.”

For more, contact Erin Riffle, METALFORM EDU lead, at 216/901-8800 or eriffle@pma.org.


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