New Training Program for Onboarding Metalforming Employees

July 1, 2016

PMA has developed a new DVD video-training program, for use by HR managers and other managers or supervisors, to serve as a first-day on-the-job orientation resource for new hires and/or temporary workers. Called OnboardingME (Onboarding Metalforming Employees), the program presents a set of coordinated policies, practices and procedures that assist new employees in understanding and adjusting to their new jobs.

OnboardingME provides a welcoming sense of belonging and highlights critical behaviors and practices that will optimize new-hire retention, provide safe access to the shop floor and expedite the path to high productivity. A facilitator’s guide helps administrators of new-hire orientation programs integrate into current orientation practices. The guide also provides suggestions for administration of the program, and discusses job shadowing, guided Teach-and-Tours and guided Meet-and-Greet activities.

OnboardingME can be administered to an individual or to a small group of new hires. To order, contact Marianne Sichi at or visit


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