Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming

October 1, 2019

Beckwood Press Co.
Booth D45161

Beckwood Press Co. presents two high-precision forming technologies that use integrated machine intelligence to improve productivity. The 2-ton EVOx servo-electric press is ideal for light-duty applications that require high precision, cleanliness and efficiency. Learn about the three modes of operation and watch the press reach positional accuracy to within ±0.0005 in. The Triform model 610-20-3 deep draw sheet hydroforming press uses a pressurized rubber diaphragm to form complex net-shaped parts over a single, unmated tool. Pressure and punch position can be tightly controlled to eliminate tears and wrinkles, and the forming area can be converted from deep draw to fluid-cell mode in seconds.

Both presses feature intuitive controls, recipe handling, and data acquisition for strict part traceability. Connectivity features on these machines allow the use of IoT for maximum uptime and predictability.

Industry-Related Terms: Draw, Form, Forming, Model
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