2500-Ton Hydraulic Press Headed to Diverse Metal Products

May 7, 2020

beckwood-press-diverse-metal Beckwood Press Co., St. Louis, MO, announced plans to manufacture a 2500-ton hydraulic forming press for Diverse Metal Products (DMP), Houston, TX. Scheduled for delivery later this year, the custom press will form embossed heat-exchanger plates for use in nuclear missile tubes for the U.S. Navy. It will feature an eight-point square gib guidance system, fully adjustable left-to-right and front-to-back to minimize lateral movement under load. Beckwood will machine the press’s 48- by 66-in. bed and ram bolsters to accommodate DMP’s existing tooling.

Safety features include light curtains on the front opening, fixed polycarbonate guarding on the rear, and a UL-certified electrical enclosure. DMP’s new press also will include several uptime-focused features standard with Beckwood presses, including a press structure engineered using finite-element analysis software; dual linear and pressure transducers for reliability and redundancy; and the proprietary PressLink module to facilitate fast, complimentary remote support.

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