Large Press Is Perfect Fit

Equipping the line to fulfill its three purposes called for a large, customized press. Having worked with Macrodyne in the past while with Cosma International as global director of hot stamping and tooling development, Teague teamed with the Concord, Ontario, Canada-based press builder to develop a custom machine for the line.

The result: a 13-m-high, 5.5-m-wide, 1500-metric-ton hydraulic, hot-stamping press designed to optimize the process, and built in less than a year. “High press speeds are critical, so the press includes rapid down speeds and proportional pressing speeds,” says Jeremy Neil, executive vice president of Macrodyne. “Higher speeds are achieved at lower tonnages by selecting the number of cylinders to be used at a particular part of the cycle. The press also has the ability to adjust tonnage throughout the stroke.”

The proportional pressing speeds are adjustable from 0 to the maximum speed for each respective profile, using a combination of cylinders as follows:

  • Max. pressing speed (to 2500 kN) using one cylinder: 300 mm/sec.
  • Max. pressing speed (to 7000 kN) using three cylinders: 110 mm/sec.
  • Max. pressing speed (to 15,000 kN) using four cylinders: 50 mm/sec.

Teague says the size of the line is important for processing larger parts, such as door rings measuring 1.8 m wide and 1.52 m tall. “To accommodate larger products,” he explains, “you need mass capacity in order for the furnace to take on the energy consumption required for larger product.

“We considered servo technology,” Teague continues, “but for our purposes there were no real advantages. Hot stamping requires heating parts to nearly 930 C, so what we’re forming is highly malleable. To incrementally form the part is not an advantage; the payback isn’t viable.”

Looking ahead and buoyed by the success of the line, Teague says that Telos plans to add a second hot-stamping line, with equipment yet to be determined, “though it easily could include another Macrodyne press,” he says. “The new line will be similar to what we have now and will provide us a contingency line.” MF

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