Cimatron Version 16 Adds Functionality for Die Addendum Surfacing

September 15, 2022

Cimatron-Version-16Cimatron recently released V16 of its die and mold CAD-CAM design software, touting numerous new features for toolmakers including powerful functionality for die addendum surfaces, mesh manipulation, and drafting detailing. User efficiency continues to be a focus, company officials say, with the process workflow having been improved in several areas including batch printing with support for shaded views, dynamic triad dragging, expanded BOM support for assembly structures, and extended preferences control with the ability to search and reset.

Major CAM developments support NC automation. with three-axis rough and volume pocketing supporting the automatic selection of multiple cutters of different lengths for the optimum cutting sequence, by splitting the toolpath into multiple operations based on cutting length. This efficiency feature for rough parallel, rough spiral and volume pocket reportedly results in better tool selection, reduced tool vibration, extended tool life, and faster cutting speeds.

VoluMillTM pocketing can now be applied to multiple open and closed pockets of differing heights and depths as a one-step routine and single NC operation. Other 2.5-axis operations include a new capability in the slotting procedure that uses pre-drilled holes for safe material entry and to quicken machining with optimum toolpath movement at each level. Further efficiency gains can be achieved with multi-axis drilling routines that consider the real stock model instead of the geometry bounding box. This creates a starting point closer to the stock for a safer, faster machining cycle.

Five-axis deburring has been extended to support extra cutter types including end mill, sphere mill, lollipop mill, taper mill and chamfer mill. Importantly, a new multiple-cuts feature enables the user to create more than one cut along a sharp edge to generate a chamfer or fillet shape either by constant width or by constant depth for a chamfer, or by constant width or constant radius for a fillet.

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