Schuler Upgrades Eight Presses at Siemens Drive-Manufacturing Plant

December 6, 2021

Schuler-Siemens-press-upgrades-monitoringSchuler has upgraded eight lines that produce electrical motor laminations at the Siemens facility in Nuremberg, Germany. The upgrades involved three presses and five automatic notchers (Schuler and Müller Weingarten models), adding production monitors and press-force monitors to continuously detect the operating status and press-force curves of the machines, even remotely.

"As the manufacturer of the presses, we have the necessary expertise to connect the machines using the Internet of Things," explains Rohitashwa Pant, chief digital officer at Schuler.

The data provides information about productivity in the press shop and indicates imminent damage to help avoid unplanned downtime. Data transmits via a secure connection to Schuler's data center, where it is processed and visualized in easy-to-read graphics.

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Technologies: Pressroom Automation, Sensing/Electronics/IOT


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