Ram-Height Adjustment for High-Speed Presses

September 27, 2021

Marposs-Bruderer-Brankamp-ram-height-adjustmentAt FABTECH…Marposs showcased its Brankamp ram-height-adjustment system for high-speed presses at Bruderer’s booth, with Bruderer incorporating the technology on select presses. Adjustment works through sensors mounted in press stop blocks. The sensors provide precise force measurement, which is then recorded and filtered through Brankamp X1 or X3S monitoring systems. Should one or more stop-block forces exceed programmed upper or lower control limits, the system sends a control pulse to the machine controller, which, as the press continues to function, adjusts the ram height. This dynamic correction helps metal stampers avoid excessive or incorrectly adjusted stop-block forces, and results in increased part precision as well as avoidance of part variations, according to Marposs officials, while also providing automatic adaption to temperature influence, material variations and coil changes. The system also enables reduction of inspection efforts and eased setup following tool changes. Another stated benefit: energy savings due to reduction of stop-block forces. 

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Technologies: Sensing/Electronics/IOT


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