Multi-Application Sensor System for CMMs

February 1, 2008

Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology, Maple Grove, MN, has introduced a multi-sensor platform for the Prismo and Accura coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). With MASS, various contact and optical sensors can be used for automatic measuring runs without expensive upgrades, according to company officials. This expands the range of applications and ensures that these measuring machines also will fulfill future requirements.

It enables users of the Prismo and Accura machines to change between optical and contact procedures during a measuring run. Users can exchange the entire probing system on these machines, opening all possibilities of dimensional-coordinate metrology on one machine.

The Prismo and Accura CMMs with MASS technology are equipped with a range of sensors that includes the essential technologies needed to inspect geometric features. Depending on the application, operators now can decide if they want to perform optical or contact measurements. A CMM with MASS can be used for a variety of tasks and can be adapted to new measuring tasks through additional suitable sensors.

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