Direct Scanning into Laser-Scanner Software Plus Enhanced Graphical Feedback

January 1, 2009

Laser Design Inc., Minneapolis, MN, announced that the Rapidform liveScan plug-in is available for the firm’s line of Faro portable 3D laser scanners. The plug-in allows users who have portable Laser Design scanners with Rapidform software to scan directly into the software package and receive enhanced graphical feedback of the scanning process during data collection.

When using the plug-in while gathering scan data from the Faro arm, the user sees the point cloud being captured from the part in real-time during the scanning process. The screen updates to the user’s viewing angle as the arm moves around the part. This feedback allows the user to adjust the scanning speed and approach, and shows areas where the user needs to go back and gather more data. This greatly improves the efficiency of the scanning process, according to company officials, resulting in significant time savings that translate into faster times to market.

Laser Design Inc.: 952/884-9648; www.laserdesign.com

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