Pneumatic Gripper for Hot Forming

October 1, 2019

Bilsing Automation
Booth A1307

Bilsing Automation shows its new PSB-20 pneumatic grippers featuring a heat-protection shield designed to withstand the high-temperature environment of hot forming applications required to produce B-pillar, C-pillar or roof frames. The PSB-20 handles workpiece temperatures to 1000 C. The grippers come with a self-locking feature that ensures safety, and a clamping force to 800 N. Manufactured from high-strength aluminum, the grippers have a slim profile and flat design, helping to decrease collision risk. Available in a variety of sizes, the lightweight grippers help increase stroke rates to 40 strokes/min. and offer short opening and closing cycles for increased productivity. Sensor versions to ensure correct part positioning are optional. Available in fixed-jaw, block-jaw and L versions, all of the grippers have either two clamping pins or thin versions with one clamping pin. Depending upon the configuration, both jaws can be dynamic. Various connection choices also are available, including lateral ball, lateral pin, back ball connection or STS-tube connection in the back.

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