Identification and Traceability Labels for Components in Highly Abrasive Environments

August 4, 2021

InfoSight Corp.

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InfoSight-labelInfoSight Corp. has introduced Gorillabel to identify and trace components used in highly abrasive environments. These identification labels, pre-marked by InfoSight, are transparent Gorilla glass disks. InfoSight recommends countersinking the label into a shallow machined pocket so that the surface of the component remains level.  After severe abrasion, wiping the label with a liquid that matches the glass index of refraction restores its clarity. 

These labels survive cleaning at or above boiling temperatures, long-term immersion in temperatures exceeding 570 F, extended slurry abrasion and more. Data vital to the operation of each component, such as maintenance records and length of service, becomes immediately available to the operator with a simple smartphone scan.  

Industry-Related Terms: Abrasive, Countersinking
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