Also, according to Ilsco, press setup time has been reduced by as much as 85 percent. The press features preprogrammed controls with stored part numbers and recipes. A removable press table allows operators to quickly and easily drill and tap tool-mounting holes or to resurface the table.

The Ilsco team also has discovered several benefits it never counted on when it purchased the hydraulic press. For example, when forming copper on a mechanical press, the material often fractured. The hydraulic press solved this issue by producing a more even, constant pressure throughout the stroke. The firm expects that this capability will likely lead to more projects being transferred to the hydraulic press, including the manufacture of compression lugs, which also present material-flow challenges when formed on mechanical presses.

The hydraulic press produces some 15,000 specialty connectors/month and, once Ilsco completes the transition of its dies to the Greenerd press, it expects production to double within 6 months. MF

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