Stamper Revels in the Enhanced Process Visibility Delivered by its New ERP System

January 19, 2024

Case in point: Fong Kai Industrial (FKI), a stamper in Carrollton, TX, serving a variety of OEM customers including HP, LG and Ford.  To improve visibility in its processes and avoid attempting to patch together separate software systems for each problem area at the company, the firm recently brought in a new ERP system, Cetec ERP.  With Cetec ERP, FKI has found an all-in-one system with the strength to address each problem on its own while staying integrated on one simple, centralized platform.

The move to Cetec ERP was prompted by the expansion of FKI’s customer base, which grew from repetitive stamping into a diversified product mix. That expansion challenged FKI’s management team to move its business operations forward while working on a melting pot of spreadsheets along with two different accounting-software interfaces—Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics/Great Plains.

For an upgrade, FKI managers sought to achieve controlled production planning with complete traceability from the creation of an order through its build process, all the while demanding visibility of inventory requirements. It needed an intuitive, integrated system to help track their entire business on a unified platform, from quoting to production, and to shipment of final product. It wanted to avoid the issues that can occur when any step of production becomes lackluster: lost efficiency, the shop floor falling behind, or backtracking in material planning.

Bring on Cetec ERP, which has moved FKI onto a paperless ERP platform that connects engineering, inventory, production, accounting and more. This improved visibility, company officials report, allows FKI to leave behind its lagging, glued-together systems and basic spreadsheets. Instead, it creates an opportunity to visualize its entire business process on a single, complete platform.  It’s now able to visualize vendor-consignment warehouse inventory for upcoming orders, detail build operations for live work orders on the floor, and track purchase orders driven by an active material-resource-planning function (MRP) within the Cetec ERP system.

Says Derek Dooley, FKI president: “We transitioned from another product that was overhead-intensive, and where shop-floor management, MRP and traceability were our pain points that needed addressing. Cetec provided the solution to those issues.” 

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