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Servo-Driven In-Die-Tapping Technology

August 4, 2021

Hutchison Tool Sales

Booth D46653

Hutchison-Tool-Sales-in-die-tappingHutchison Tool sales is exhibiting servo-driven in-die-tapping technology, with the tapping heads available in standard units for flat-running/minimal-strip-lift parts as well as in follow-along units for parts with complex forming/high-lift characteristics. Both the standard and follow-along units come in a choice of high-speed/low-torque or low-speed/high-torque motors depending on application requirements.

The servo-driven in-die-tapping controllers allow for the running of multiple tapping heads from one controller.  In addition, the controller can store a multitude of programs with simple access when changing from one job to another.  The user-friendly control panel simplifies programming of tap rpm, tap travel and press-feed-angle requirements. 

And, the servo controller also can monitor tapping torque to monitor thread quality of tapped holes, and is password-protected for different levels of operator, supervisor and engineering access.  Also, remote internet access is available for downloading data or remote troubleshooting.

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Technologies: In-Die Operations


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