Datasheet Matches Powder Coatings to Architectural Performance Specs

June 1, 2013

PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business, Pittsburgh, PA, has published a new datasheet that categorizes PPG architectural powder coatings according to American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) performance standards. The datasheet details formulations and suggested applications for four PPG powder coatings—Envirocron Durable, Envirocron Ultradurable, Coraflon and Duranar coatings—and classifies them according to AAMA 2603, 2604 or 2605 performance specifications.

Envirocron Durable powder coatings are formulated to meet the specifications of AAMA 2603, the least rigorous of the standards and typically associated with coatings for low-rise and residential buildings. Envirocron Ultradurable powder coatings are designed to meet AAMA 2604 specifications and are favored for high-traffic environments in buildings such as schools, hospitals and retail stores. High-end Duranar and Coraflon powder coatings most often are specified for curtain walls, storefronts and other highly visible monumental applications because they meet the most demanding criteria for durability and long-term colorfastness.

The datasheet also features a table that enables architects, specifiers and building-product manufacturers to compare PPG architectural powder coatings by warranty, performance testing standards, gloss levels and other criteria.

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