Bigger Waterjet Machines Meets Demand for Large-Scale Production

June 1, 2015

OmaxOmax Corp., Kent, WA, has expanded its line of Maxiem JetMachining Centers, for abrasive waterjet cutting, by introducing three larger machine sizes to meet the large-scale production needs of OEMs, metal service centers and fabricators. The new 2060 and 2080 models cut work to 6 ft.-7 in. wide by 20 ft.-6 in. long and 27 ft.-2 in. long, respectively. The Model 3060 boasts a wider work envelope, ideal for machining a range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastics. This machine features a Y-axis cutting travel of 10 ft.-2 in. and an X-axis cutting travel of 20 ft.-6 in.

These JetMachining Centers also feature the Omax Intelli-Trax linear drive system that uses brushless servo motors, integrated servo drives and precision linear encoders to provide constant and continuous feedback on cutting-head position.
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