Fiber Laser a Versatile Addition

This Prima Power eP press brake eliminates upper-beam deflection under load while also eliminating the need for bed crowning. The closed frame eliminates side-housing deflection, a common occurrence with c-frame designs.
Rock Run uses the fiber laser and compact tower it acquired in March 2016 to cut a range of steels and aluminum, including highly reflective materials of various thicknesses (11 to 16 gauge) for its RV products as well as the 16-gauge galvannealed steel for its outdoor kitchen cabinetry.

Rock Run also benefits from the 10-shelf tower for loading and unloading blanks and processed sheets. The tower has an elevator for loading and unloading the pallets on and off the tower, and features single-sheet separating and sheet reference. In addition, because the machine is fully independent, it is suitable for lights-out operation. Once programmed, the fiber laser automatically manages settings, tip replacement, sheet change and storage, etc.

“We bought the 10-shelf compact tower because we don’t have a lot of room in our shop and also wanted to perform lights-out production,” says Schlabach. “The fiber laser and tower have a small footprint (30 by 30 ft.) that fits our shop. It has allowed us to bid jobs and be confident that we have the capacity to complete the job on time. If needed, we can run the unmanned extra shift on the laser without adding people.”

Servo Press Brake Provides Cost-Effective Accuracy

Also in 2016, Rock Run Industries installed the Prima Power eP servo-electric press brake. The high-precision brake’s design, based on the company’s experience in press brakes and servo-electric machine tools in the metalworking industry, reportedly reduces operating costs, increases productivity and reduces setup time.

The eP press brake eliminates, according to Prima Power officials, the following:

  • Upper beam deflection under load;
  • Need for bed crowning; and
  • Side-housing deflection, common with C-frame designs.

Its servo-electric drives evenly distribute bending forces in the upper beam for improved bending accuracy, increased productivity, lower operating costs, high reliability and fewer maintenance requirements.

“This press brake is very accurate,” says Schlabach. “In fact, the repeatability is so great that the welders request that any jobs in lighter gauges run on the new brake.”

Latest Addition: BCe Smart Panel Bender

Following FABTECH 2017 in Chicago in November, Rock Run added the Prima Power BCe Smart 220 panel bender for producing small volumes, kits of components and individual parts calling for high-quality bends and high repeatability. Also, the servo-electric actuators reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

“We purchased the BCe Smart to run galvannealed product,” explains Schlabach. “We have many 6-ft.-long panels that are 21⁄2 ft. wide, and weigh approximately 40 lb. When making these on the press brake and placing a flange on a 6-ft.-long part, the operator lifts the part past his head, and then flips it. You cannot do this type of work year after year and not create some type of physical problem for yourself. Instead of buying another press brake, we decided to go with the panel bender for its ergonomics and effectiveness. The BCe Smart can perform bends that press brakes cannot, such as radius bends, hems, etc. It will allow us to offer more options and versatility to our customers.” MF

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