Live Demonstration of a Complex Strip Layout and a Die Design Using LogoPress for Solidworks

February 12, 2024

MetalForming magazine and Accurate Die Design Software present—from start to finish—a live and thorough demonstration of the LogoPress DieDesign software package.

Starting with only a complex, “dumb” imported part, a nearly complete strip layout is created including cutting punches and form punches. Designing around this strip layout, a substantial portion of the die assembly is created, 2D detail drawing functionality is demonstrated, and the computer-generated Bill of Materials (BOM) for the die is inserted into a 2D drawing.

Webinar Speakers

  • Ray Proeber, President, Accurate Die Design Software, Inc.
  • Matt Gould, Instructor/Application Engineer, Accurate Die Design Software, Inc.
Industry-Related Terms: Die, Drawing, Form, Functionality
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Technologies: Software


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Saurabh M. MON, FEB 12, 2024 @ 4:35 PM

It was a nice demo. enjoyed it. Thank you for this download to watch it again when needed to re-review some of the features. Thanks, Saurabh M.

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