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Schuler Launches Its First China Tech Center

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Schuler held an Innovation Day to formally launch a technology center for forming systems in China, a demonstration and reference center in the northern industrial city of Tianjin that offers automotive manufacturers, suppliers and other companies the opportunity to try out the latest servo-press technology. Servo TechCenter Tianjin is Schuler's first demonstration center in Asia and forms a key part of the company's strategy to increase its presence in that region.

Schuler has been operating in China with a number of sites since the early 1990s and just a few months ago acquired Chinese press manufacturer Yadon.

"China has enormous potential for us," says, Oemer Akyazici, China chief executive officer for Schuler. "With the products from Yadon under our belt, we are now optimally positioned to cover further market segments."

Solar Atmospheres Forms Vacuum Pump Services Corp.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Solar Atmospheres, Souderton, PA, has established a vacuum-pump service center, Vacuum Pump Services Corp., and has staffed it initially with three employees.

The Solar Atmospheres group of companies employs more than 100 mechanical vacuum roughing pumps and mechanical holding pumps. Its fleet of furnaces include some that have been in operation for more than 30 years. With mechanical-pump life on the order of five to 10 years, according to company officials, it became necessary for Solar atmospheres to establish the service center.

“We know vacuum pumps: when to have the pumps serviced, and how to service them correctly,” explains William R. Jones, CEO of Solar Atmospheres. “This is the base reason for establishing our own organization. We have also serviced pumps for other organizations, even including our competitors. So we are eager to share our knowledge and expertise, and to offer our services broadly across industry.”

For additional information about Vacuum Pump Services Corp., visit For more on Solar Atmospheres, visit

Trumpf Founds Venture-Capital Company

Friday, September 16, 2016

Trumpf has founded a venture-capital company for funding technology startups, Trumpf Venture GmbH. The aim is to fund promising young companies that look to play a major role in shaping the future of industry, according to company officials. Over the next five years, Trumpf Venture GmbH looks to establish an investment portfolio of about $45 million, and is especially interested in the fields of photonics and digitally connected production as well as in new manufacturing processes, smart components and high-tech materials.

"Once we get into our stride, we plan to participate in around five startups per year,“ says Christof Siebert, in charge of technology management at Trumpf. "As a strategic investor, we want to use our network, our industrial production expertise and our technological know-how to assist startups with market launch and successful growth.” 

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