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Perforators Association Upgrades Online Knowledge Center

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
The Industrial Perforators Association (IPA), based in Milwaukee, WI, has updated the look and functionality of its online Knowledge Center, accessible through The goal: provide an enhanced user experience to designers, engineers, builders, architects and others seeking perforating solutions, expertise and education.
IPA’s Knowledge Center serves as a central resource of education and information on how to apply, specify, buy, design and build with perforated metal. It integrates user-experience best practices to provide visitors with tips, techniques and product information.
“The IPA serves as a bridge to share expertise with engineers and designers to demonstrate the applications and advantages of using industrial perforated materials,” says Keith Zinn, IPA president. “Through our Knowledge Center, we are able to provide a wealth of technical resources, studies and benchmarking standards to help members and nonmembers with all of their industrial perforated-materials needs.”
Through the site, visitors have access to downloadable information on perforated metal patterns and guides by vertical industry, articles written by IPA members in industry publications, case histories and links to view the latest IPA e-mail newsletters.

Metalforming Industry Movers & Shakers

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Superior Die Set, Oak Creek, WI, a manufacturer of die sets, mold bases, pins/bushings, platen presses, cut-and-ground machined plate, fabrications and forging products, has added Brandon Haffelder as process engineer. In addition, the company has announced that outside sales engineer Derrick Gilane will be representing Superior Die Set in Missouri, Kansas and Southern Illinois.
For more on the company’s offerings and capabilities, visit

Jacquet Midwest Installs Waterjet-Cutting System

Monday, August 24, 2015
Metal service center Jacquet Midwest has installed a dual-head five-axis Edge X-5 waterjet-cutting system from Jet Edge at its facility in Racine, WI. This is Jacquet Midwest’s third Jet Edge system, and the company plans to use the new system to provide beveling and chamfering services to its customers in the Midwest as well as nationwide through its five regional service centers.
The system features a 21 by 13-ft. work envelope, which enables processing of full 8 by 20-ft. or 10 by 20-ft. plates. The dual five-axis cutting heads enable double production and can cut precise 3D parts from virtually any material, including bevels to 50 deg., according to Jet Edge officials. Powered by a 60,000-psi, 100-hp intensifier pump, the ball-screw-driven system offers repeatability of +/- 0.001 in. It also has submerged or above-water cutting capabilities as well as a proprietary plate-mapping feature that allows precise nozzle-to-plate standoff.
“With the precision that we’ll be able to achieve with the five-axis taper control machine, we can provide a tighter-tolerance part from the top edge to the bottom edge, eliminating a lot of the machining,” says Dan Chatterton, Jacquet Midwest CEO. “It allows us to do much more for our customers; we can bevel-cut, taper-control, and chamfer holes on both the top and bottom edges of the material.”
For more on Jacquet Midwest, visit To learn more about Jet Edge’s offerings, visit


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