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Cortec Launches Additives Website

Monday, June 5, 2017

Corrosion-inhibitor manufacturer Cortec Corp., St. Paul, MN, launched a new website,, devoted to its VpCI brand of additives. The new website divides VpCI corrosion-inhibitor additives into application categories to allow for simple navigation. Each category offers an overview of additive options and includes charts to guide selection based on additive characteristics such as transport mechanism, solubility and metal types protected. The website also offers news updates and related brochures.

For more information on Cortec, visit the company’s website,

AZZ Opens TX Powder-Coating Facility

Thursday, June 1, 2017
AZZ Inc., Fort Worth, TX, a provider of galvanizing, welding and electrical-equipment services, opened its first powder-coating facility in Crowley, TX. The new facility sits adjacent to AZZ’s hot-dip-galvanizing plant in Crowley, and will offer duplex metal-coating services and house a 60-ft. cure oven.

For more on AZZ’s galvanizing, welding and coating services, visit

Barton Expands LA Garnet-Grain Processing Center

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Barton International, Glens Falls, NY, a producer of industrial garnet grains and powders, completed the expansion of its Reserve, LA, warehouse and processing center. The expansion includes a new, 77,000-sq.-ft. warehouse, which will store industrial garnet for waterjet cutting, coatings removal and other abrasives applications.

For more on Barton’s garnet abrasives, visit


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