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Metal-Part Show and TellWhat is it?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
United Performance Metals (UPM), Hamilton, OH, has launched an online video contest, with a GoPro camera as the incentive for playing and winning. Its “What Is It” contest features mystery items manufactured from materials supplied by UPM—stainless steel, nickel, cobalt, aluminum and titanium alloys. Contestants can log on to the website ( to watch a video featuring three sales reps describing the mystery item’s use—only one explanation is correct. The contest runs April 15-June 3, 2014.

Batesville Tool & Die Earns Recognition from Akebono Brake

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Akebono Brake Corp., Elizabethtown, KY, presented one of three Supplier Partner Awards to precision metal stamper Batesville Tool & Die (BTD), Batesville, IN. BTD also was named Supplier of the Year, having “gone above and beyond” to support Akebono’s mission in terms of technology and partnership, and exemplifying the concept of value creation. Akebono, which presented the awards at its recently held supplier conference, manufactures friction materials and brake products including calipers and drum brakes;  Learn more about BTD at

Wilson Tool Forms Venture Group

Friday, April 11, 2014
On a mission to acquire small to midsized manufacturing companies, Wilson Tool Enterprises, White Bear Lake, MN, has launched Wilson Venture Group. The family-owned firm is on the lookout for business owners looking for an exit strategy, as well entrepreneurs looking to sell their product(s) and technology. Learn more at


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