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Diehl Offers New Tool Steel for AHSS Parts

Monday, February 27, 2017
Diehl Tool Steel, Cincinnati, OH, has begun offering Hitachi Metals America’s SLD-i cold-work premium tool steel, a grade used in various blanking and forming application where advanced high-strength-steel (AHSS) parts are processed. It is produced using the same heattreatment procedures as D2 but exhibits better wear and toughness when used for forming sections, and also shows better wear than 8-percent Cr steels for trim sections, according to Diehl officials.

Hitachi SLD-I reportedly minimizes heattreat deformation, and further comparison between Hitachi SLD-i and D2 reveals that Hitachi SLD-i requires less machining after heattreatment and a decreased amount of shape adjustment than D2. In a side-by-side comparison, claim Diehl officials, die life of TD-coated Hitachi SLD-i was improved by 500 percent versus TD-coated D2.

The tool steel is available in flat cross-sections to 5 in. thick. For more, visit  

Metalforming Industry Movers and Shakers

Thursday, February 23, 2017
David Miles has been named president of Simonds Saw L.L.C., Fitchburg, MA, succeeding Ray Martino, who will continue to serve as CEO of Simonds Saw and as president and CEO of its parent company, Simonds International. Simonds Saw manufactures metal-cutting saw and file products. For more, visit

BLM Group USA, Wixom, MI, has appointed Andrew Dodd North American sales director. For more on the company, a manufacturer of tube- and sheetmetal-processing equipment, visit

NIMS, LIFT and Ivy Tech Release New Skills Credentials

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) and Ivy Tech Community College (located throughout Indiana) are making available a new set of skills credentials and training to help fill open manufacturing jobs in states along the Midwest auto-corridor. The partners are releasing nine new NIMS credentials that validate key skills and competencies needed for industrial-technology maintenance jobs, which represent a critical and growing function in high-tech manufacturing focused on new technologies and innovation, according to LIFT officials.

“Manufacturing organizations—especially those serving the defense and transportation sectors —continue to embrace new lightweight metals and technologies, adding advanced technical requirements to critical jobs already going unfilled because workers do not have the required skills,” says Emily DeRocco, education and workforce development director for LIFT. “This is an unprecedented, yet critical, partnership to address the ever-increasing workforce needs of our industry partners and their supply chains.” 

To support the rapid deployment of new lightweighting technologies being developed at LIFT, workers will have to understand and be confident in using the latest advanced technologies, help integrate them into companies’ processes, and maintain their performance over time. Nationally, there were 322,759 job postings for industrial-technology maintenance jobs between 2015-2016, but only 26,152 graduates in related training or post-secondary programs, according to NIMS stats.

For more information on the industrial-technology maintenance credentials, visit


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