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Esab and Victor Technologies Under the Same Roof

Thursday, February 13, 2014
Colfax Corp., a global manufacturing and engineering company headquartered in Fulton, NJ, has agreed to acquire Victor Technologies Holdings, St. Louis, MO. The acquisition brings Victor, a manufacturer of welding and cutting products, under the same umbrella as Esab, Florence, SC, also a member of the Colfax group of companies and a supplier of welding and cutting products.  More at; Esab is online at, and Victor Technologies at

Interplex Apprenticeship Program Prepares for Inaugural Graduating Class

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Two candidates from the 2-yr.-old formal tool and die making apprenticeship program of metal stamper Interplex Nascal, Inc., Tustin, CA, will graduate in May 2014 and become entry-level tool and die makers. Interplex, headquartered in College Point, NY, launched the apprenticeship program in December 2011, and is recruiting its next class of candidates;

Double-Duty Lubricant Mixer Finds a Home in Tennessee

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
North American Stamping Group’s recently expanded facility in Portland, TN, has installed new lubricant-mixing and spraying equipment from Industrial Innovations, Wyoming, MI. Featured is a new-generation Pro-Mix V unit that can simultaneously mix and disperse two different ratios of lubricant; and Spra-Rite injectors. More at


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