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Lincoln Electric Debuts Online Welding, Cutting Curriculum

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Lincoln Electric, Cleveland, OH, recently launched U/Linc, a complete curriculum of lesson plans, videos, student handouts, assessment tests, presentations and more designed to streamline the teaching experience and free welding-school instructors from curriculum development.
Educational topics in the subscription-based online learning-management system include safety, principles of welding, shielded-metal-arc welding, gas-metal-arc welding, flux-cored-arc welding, gas-tungsten-arc welding, thermal and CNC plasma cutting, mathematics in welding, careers, aluminum, stainless steel, robotics, fabrication, manufacturing and engineering, and pipe.
With more than 1,500 teaching assets and growing, U/Linc allows instructors at high schools, technical colleges, universities, unions or private industrial training centers to focus on teaching in the classroom, rather than spend hours developing custom curriculum.
“The era of stand-alone DVDs and textbooks is coming to an end,” says Dr. Jason Scales, Lincoln Electric manager of educational services. “We can deliver a specific lesson plan and matching student or presentation materials over the web and update the files immediately whenever welding or teaching advances require a change.”
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Scandic Springs Adds Manufacturing Space

Monday, December 7, 2015
Scandic Springs, Inc., San Leandro, CA, has just completed an expansion, adding 13,000 sq. ft. for a dedicated press room with a foundation engineered for presses to 400 tons, and a new training room. New equipment will join Scandic’s existing straightside-mechanical and servo-driven presses for customers in the automotive, medical and electronics fields. The expansion also frees room for growth in Scandic's other core businesses of slideforming, spring coiling and assembly.
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New Star Metals Now Material Sciences Corp.

Thursday, December 3, 2015
Material Sciences Corp. (MSC) is the new name of New Star Metals, Burr Ridge, IL, which acquired MSC in March 2014. MSC joined several other business units under the New Star Metals umbrella as a global supplier of metal products and processing, engineering services and supply-chain management to customers in the automotive, construction and consumer-products sectors worldwide.
“We are on an aggressive path, going to market as one entity: Material Sciences Corporation,” says Pat Murley, chief executive officer of New Star Metals since the company’s founding, and who assumes the same role at MSC. “When we acquired MSC, we gained access to the knowledge and reputation of this publicly-traded 64-yr.-old company. Before long, we came to the conclusion that the superior brand recognition of Material Sciences Corporation could be applied effectively to the entire family of New Star Metals companies. We have more value to offer under the MSC banner, gaining access to new product applications and outstanding growth opportunities in North America and globally.”
Three MSC business units have joined the original New Star Metals entities: Canfield Coating Co., Electric Coating Technologies, Premier Resource Group and World Class Corrugating.
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