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Diehl Steel Now Under Hitachi Umbrella

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Diehl Steel Co., Inc., has been acquired by Hitachi Metals Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, and has been renamed Diehl Tool Steel, Inc.
“The resources that will now be available to our team will allow us to better serve our cold-work tool-steel customers,” says Mike Sheehan, president and chief operating officer of Diehl Tool Steel, “and will also pave the way for us to offer hot-work tool-steel solutions for diecasting and forging applications.”
The Diel acquisition “greatly enhances our presence in North America, and will accelerate our plans to expand the capabilities we have to offer customers at Hitachi Metals,” says Tom Bell, product group head of Hitachi Metals America, LLC.
Officials note that there will be no interruption of service, and Diehl customers will continue to work with their existing sales and support teams.
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Miller Acquires Weld-Data, -Management Company

Monday, November 30, 2015
Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton, WI, has acquired Impact Engineering, Jackson, MI, in a strategic alignment to provide the industry with expanded electronic weld-data gathering and process-management capabilities.
For more than 20 years, Impact Engineering has designed and manufactured weld-data-monitoring systems, and previously partnered with Miller on welding-information product development. The formal acquisition of the company allows Miller to broaden its portfolio to address the increasing demands for Miller’s Welding Intelligence systems, according to company officials.
As part of the acquisition, products from Impact Engineering, including ArcAgent and ArClient, will become part of the Miller Welding Intelligence offering. This offering currently includes Insight Core, a simplified, Internet-based welding-information product, and Insight Centerpoint, which offers real-time operator feedback and process controls. The product additions from IMPACT Engineering, specifically ArcAgent, reportedly will allow customers with mixed fleets of welding equipment, including non-Miller machines, to use Welding Intelligence products.
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Thanksgivings to Come: Printing the Bird?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

As we’re all aware, 3D printing quickly has made inroads into American metalforming and fabricating operations, be it producing replacement parts for use around the plant, fixturing, protoypes or production parts. Ready for it to follow you home to the dinner table?

Even the traditional Thanksgiving dinner soon may be printed. A four-part series at examines the future of dining via additive manufacturing, and the possibilities are mind-boggling.

“3D printing can potentially open a new product line where Michelin star chefs, or any chefs, could use the technology to create food cartridges and digital recipes for sale,” writes series author Eustacia Huen. “And unlike canned goods or frozen meals, the products made with 3D printers will be a lot more sophisticated.”

Printed or cooked, enjoy the turkey, and from all of us at MetalForming, Happy Thanksgiving!



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